In Grade 4

Today we did an interactive multimedia class. We used a video with the short story of Chanukah and we interacted with questions about what they saw and heard. This way the students needed to pay attention and participated during the presentation. It was very nice experience engaging the group in a nice discussion about the real meaning of the holiday. We also reviewed the rules for lighting the Chanukiyah.

The students had a great session with the Shinshinim about Jerusalem.

In Hebrew we reviewed the reading and we practiced the blessings for Chanukah.
Homework: Page 15 of the 10 minutes of Hebrew reading book.
Looking ahead: We will continue with the Chanukah as well as the students will have an art class as part of a special program that we are doing this year. You will have the opportunity to see it at the end when we will have an Art Exhibit.

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