In Grade 5

Shalom everyone

We started two new units today. We started studying about a new prophet, the only woman judge! She was a very talented woman name Deborah. (She was one of five female prophets). A beautiful story and song that was written by her will be studied in the next few weeks as it is told in the Book of Shoftim- Judges.Deborah the prophet

In Hebrew we started the third blessing in the Amidah – the Kedusha that talks about God’s holiness. We read the prayer and the translation of it and learned that the root ק.ד.ש means holy, sanctify. A copy of the blessing is in your child’s binder for practice. Please review.

Have a peaceful week.

KIDS’ MITZVAH CLUB MEETS THIS WEEK! Help your kids become Mitzvah Superstars  Sunday, November 29th 11:30 and 12:30 – come after class or KEF!!

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