In Grade 4

Dear Parents,

On Sunday we divided the topics for the Israel Project. Each student received his/her topic with the following instructions: Keep it simple; write 3 to 4 Sentences, add pictures from the Internet, all on a poster. Class presentation will be on January 17, 2016. All parents are invited for this event. More Nov 22information to follow.

We started learning about Chanukah; not only the candles, gifts and food but the meaning of this holiday. We will continue with the theme next week.

In Hebrew we also learned about Chanukah and the students reviewed the blessings over the candles and the symbols. Homework: 10 minutes of Hebrew reading. Page 15. We will have a readiung test next week.

Looking ahead: The Chanukah Miracles, the traditions, the songs and the food.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Sandra Merovic

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