In Grade 6

Shalom everyone

Every week I write a few words about what is done in class and about my expectations from students at home. Last week I enclosed an attachment with the tune for the Kiddush and even though we are learning it in class, the students need to practice it at home as well, the reading and the chanting. Please have your child copy the kiddush and the ashrei on to their computer, or their phone –  any way that it will be handy for them. last week, the students did not realize that it was sent by email – please ensure that they know about this.

We started chanting “Ashrei”, and again, they need to have the tune and practice the reading. The text of the prayer was sent home and I am attaching the melody on this post as well. Please , your cooperation is needed!

Thank you


In our second hour, the HABSTY students showed the trailer for Woman in Gold followed by questions for each class and a discussion over cereal and milk. Our HABSTY students did a great job!


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