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Shalom everyone,

We had a very productive day this Wednesday .We looked again and learned that the Bible has three parts, Torah, Prophets and Writings. In Hebrew it is called Tanach.   ת – for Torah,  נ – for Nevee’im, כ- forketoovim.  We learned that the Torah has five books divided into chapters, verses and portions and we to start and finish reading the Torah on Simchat Torah – celebrated on the day after Sukkot. We also learned that the last word of the book of Deuteronomy is ” Yisrael – Israel” and the first word in book of Genesis-  is “Be’reshit – in the beginning” (the name of the book in Hebrew).  We asked and answered some important questions such as, “what does Torah mean to me in my life?” There were some amazing answers, have a look  in your student’s binders! We introduced our first three prophets. We worked in groups and each group read about a different prophet, Samuel, Ezekiel and Hosea. In this lesson, we learned about their perspectives on the role they played as prophets and about what they hoped to achieve. Please send a binder with your child to class – it will help with keeping their materials together which we use each week.

Next week we will create ads and work on interviews to “pick” new prophets; what does it take to be a good prophet.

In Hebrew we are still working on the first prayer of the Amidah, Fathers and Mothers (Avot and Imahot). We have learned two prefixes AND –Ve, and THE – Ha, and a suffix US/OUR –Noo . We are working on fluency and accuracy in reading . As the time is so short, please ask your child to read to you or to their siblings or read with the help of the computer, as I sent you the link.  Oh yes and just before going for prayer,to stretch our bones we did some push ups and sit ups counting in Hebrew. Singing and praying was amazing.


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