In Grade 3

Dear Parents,

We discussed the holiday of Simchat Torah; learning the about the Torah’s accessories: coat (me-eel),  crowns (rimonim), brass plate and the pointer (Yad). Students were able to identify each one and had an opportunity to design their own Torah cover (me-eel – coat). In addition, we watched a short clip about the Torah and how it’s written and how long it takes to write one. Ask your son/daughter to share with you those details.

We had our first music session with Mike and it was special to learn more details about special various blessings we use for many things. In Hebrew, we learned the letters Kaf and Lamed and were able to read with partners. Also, we rotated in small groups using Hebrew letter flash cards, playing holiday games such as Jewish holidays go-fish and Jewish memory game using Hebrew words to reinforce our holidays terms.

Next session, we will team up with grade 2 class working on a “G’milut Chassadim” project. Our class will lead grade 2 in making a “siddur-book-marks” to help us and  them follow the siddur during our service. We will use our Hebrew/English names on it. In Hebrew, we will learn the letter “Hay” and will continue Hebrew reading in unison and with different  partners. Please ensure your son/daughter practice their Hebrew reading of lesson 3

It has been a great pleasure to see many of you at the Simchat Torah service.Yeshar Koach!

Wishing you and your family Chag Sameach!

Maya Liberman

Reminder: There is no class this Sunday October 11th – Happy Thanksgiving!

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