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Shalom everyone

In Hebrew we talked about the Friday Evening Kiddush, being one of the blessings we say to welcome and sanctify Shabbat (and is similar to the Kiddush for holidays). How exciting it will be to be able to chant the Kiddush on Friday before their Bar\Bat Mitzvah! We read the first four lines together a few times and while the students did some work in their booklets, I worked with a few of them individually to help with the reading. We now know that there are two important things to remember in the Kiddush – how God chose us and how he took us out from Egypt. As I mentioned last week the students all have a copy of the blessing, that copy is to stay home for them to practice. Please remind them to do so.

Have a great week.


Reminder: all Grade 6 students are asked to be at HBT by 5:45pm on Monday, November 2nd for the Spadina Tour.

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