In Grade 4

On Sunday we reviewed the concepts of Am Israel and Land of Israel

Using a giant Puzzle we learned about the Map of Israel

The students put the puzzle together on the floor, found the borders of Israel, the main source of water, some important cities. They discussed the size of Israel comparing with Canada. It was a fun way to introduce our Israel studies.

Our Shinshinim presented a program for our students commemorating the yahrzeit of Yitzhak Rabin, 20 years since he died.

In Hebrew we reviewed the vocabulary of the family  and we introduced the Class story: Morah (teacher) Yeladim ( kids) Kitah (class) Tova (good). We read the ‘about the Classroom story’ in their class Hebrew book.

Homework is 10 Minutes of Hebrew reading, bottom of page 9. We have been seeing good improvement that the students are doing Flag_of_Israel_svgat home. It is very important that you remind your child to read the homework.

Looking ahead we are going to watch a short movie about Israel and study in more details the city and main aspects of the Israel’s society.

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