In Grade 3

This past Sunday, we had a fun class. We had started on our regular routine Hatikvah, Shabbat highlights, and Tzedaka. Our focus in this session was learning about the Jewish Life Cycle and in particular about Baby Naming (Brit/Britta). We worked so hard in our Jewish Life Cycle Scrapbook using our own baby pictures, our names both Hebrew and English and the reasons we received our name.

In Hebrew, we reviewed our letters and vowels learned the letter “Resh” and “Chaf” and the vowel “Shva”. Also, our  key word this week is “Bracha”-blessing. Please ensure your son/daughter review lesson #4 on the website: as

Next week, we will continue to explore the baby naming and finish up the few items from last week. If you forgot to bring a baby picture please bring it for this coming Sunday. In Hebrew, we will continue to work on lesson # 5 letters “Vet” and “Dalet”. Looking forward to hear from all the students that they have practiced on the website!

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