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Shalom everyone

We mastered our Avot prayer, even had a chance to chant it to Dalia Alalouf who was so impressed and suggested that now we need to make sure we read it accurately.  Please spend some time at home and work on fluency. We started the second prayer of the Amidah –Ge’voorot, a prayer that talks about God’s powers. I did send copies of the prayer home for the students to practice. Next week we will talk about all those powers.

In the study of prophets, we read and introduced a new prophet – Joshua. We talked about the time that he was a prophet, about the fact that he was a great military leader and at the same time a prophet. He was Moses’ successor. He was also one of the twelve spies sent to scour out the land of Canaan. We also read that he had some uncertain moments in his life and that he needed encouragement from God when he was leading the Children of Israel to Canaan. I asked the kids to think if they can think if they ever had uncertain moments in their life were they did not think that they could achieve something and needed encouragement.

We will continue our study of Joshua next week.


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