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Shalom everyone

Another great Sunday. Most of the students managed to finish the work on the first prayer the Avot. The students that finished first, helped their friends so that I could spend some time reading with each student individually. I can see that the students are determined to read better and they are happy to get help.  Please ask them to read to you out loud at home.

In our section on the Prophets, we interviewed each other to see what each one liked or disliked in his role as a prophet, how each one became a prophet, what made each one a good prophet etc. We learned more about the three prophets that we introduced last week; Samuel, Ezekiel and Hosea. Next week we will write summaries about our prophets and also create ads: “Looking for Prophets”.

We had a visit from Sharon the librarian, who told us a story about a very special boy and his way of doing an amazing act of loving kindness – “Gemilut Chasadim”.

Please note: Some of our students still come without their binder; it makes it hard for them to follow up as we use the same material for more than one lesson. Please remind them to bring it to each class.

It is great to see that the students are following and participating in the weekly service.

Have a great week,


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