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Today we learned about the difference between AM YISRAEL– CHILDREN OF ISRAEL- LAND OF ISRAEL AND STATE OF ISRAEL

The students had to find things that we all have in common in the class, from there we defined that we all are Jewish, we believe in the same God, we celebrate the same holidays, we are all guided by the Torah= AM YISRAEL

We reviewed the story of Abraham and God’s promise to make him into a big Nation and give to his descendants the Land + The Land Of CAANAN= LAND OF ISRAEL

We also reviewed the Story of Jacob who had his name changed to Yisrael; he had 12 children that we all are descendents of, why we called the Jews in the Torah the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL.

We started to understand the difference between LAND OF ISRAEL and STATE OF ISRAEL.

It was very interesting to see how engaging the children were during the discussions and games.

We had the opportunity to have our Librarian, Sharon read us the story of a child that made a difference to the world. The story inspired the students to reflect on different ways we can make the world a better place.

Looking ahead: We are going to start learning about Israel (the modern State) that will conclude with an individual project about Israel. I will send the information to you in the coming weeks.

Also we are going to explore the different ways to perform acts of love and kindness= GEMILUT CHASADIM.

In Hebrew we learned about MISHAPACHA– the Family, ABBA, IMA, SABA, SAVTA, ACH AND ACHOT (Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Brother and Sister). After learning the vocabulary the kids had to present themselves and their families using the vocabulary.

We concluded the class reading about the family in our class book. Homework is to read page 7 of 10 Minutes of Hebrew Reading.

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