In Grade 2

Dear Parents,

Unfortunately Dara was not with us on Sunday. She will  be back next week!

We had a great time in class! This was our first session with our team class – Grade 3. We had a great time together as we worked on our theme, Gemilut Chasadim – doing nice things for one another. Our session together began with Sharon reading us a beautiful story about a 4 year old boy who decides to make a difference. he was a very ambitious young boy! We then worked together with our Grade 3 partner, creating a beautiful siddur book mark which we will use each week during our service. Our Grade 3 friends even sat with us in the service!

We then completed our day reviewing Hebrew letters and playing a wild game of Aleph Bet Bingo! It October 18 - 2was so much fun. There were many laughs and smiles coming out of that classroom!

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