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Cover-Page-from-HEW-2015-web-HRHolocaust Education Week (HEW).

As is our tradition at Holy Blossom, we are very fortunate to hold one of the key lectures of HEW, which is organized by the Chaim and Sarah Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre, by Professor Michael Marrus. Professor Marrus brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to these lectures each year, and it is once again our honour at Holy Blossom to have Professor Marrus join us on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.

This year the theme of HEW is Liberation: Aftermath and Rebirth. Professor Marrus will  share in detail post-war experiences across Europe and North America.

All are welcome. Please join us.

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  • Debbie Spiegel

    Each year Professor Marrus shares his intricate expertise in the study of the Holocaust. It is always something new and unique and a pleasure to listen and learn from him. Take the time to join us on November 4th.

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