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The Grade 8s had a great evening and finally a chance to get to know one another. We began with a visit from our Shinshinim, Noam and Bar who discussed the current conflict in Israel. We shared how this conflict felt different than others and tried to think about the negative power of hate.

During the second half of class we had a chance to hear about what’s in store for the year ahead. Through a fun game we shared reflections on our memories of religious school, our hopes for this year, and what we as individuals all bring to the class. We are looking forward to next week when we will begin our initial unit of study.
Karen Kollins

Next week we will start our electives. If you have not chosen an elective, please go to the website, click here:

Also, join JVC and HBT on Sunday, October 25th for SKYZONE! 12:30 PM Click here for more information:


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