In Grade 7

In class we started to get to know each other and explored the idea of Jewish Adulthood. We learned that in order to become an important leader, Avram was told ״לך-לך״ which might be interpreted to mean to “Go to yourself”.  Avram is told that he has to leave his country, the place where he was born, and his family’s house.  We wondered if perhaps Avram had to learn to be independent and to discover who he was before he could become and independent adult.  Then, students made creative drawings to describe what they feel is the criteria of becoming an adult.  They suggested that having a  job, having a family, completing university, or gaining one’s own independence might be the markers of adulthood.  Given that this is the year for becoming Bar of Bat Mitzvah, the idea of becoming a Jewish adult is a significant one for grade 7 students.

Next week students should bring in at least 2 of the photos from the “photo assignment” and a first rough draft of their “I am from poem”. We, like Avram will first explore the places that we are from, and get to know each other, before we move on to understand what it might mean to become an independent adult from a Jewish perspective.



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