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Shalom everyone,

Another great Wednesday. We’ve managed to finish the work on the first prayer  the  Avot.  Students that completed the work first, helped their friends, so that I could spend some time reading with each one individually. Sandra Merovic, our Grade 4 teacher,  is also helping with reading and I know that with the determination of all of our students, they will be great readers. We talked about the second  Parasha in the Torah – the Portion of the week – Noah,    God’s disappointment from the bad people, only Noah was a righteous man in his generation, the flood, and God’s promise to never flood  the world again,  a promise that came in the symbol of a rainbow.

in our session on the Prophets, in role-playing, we interviewed each other to see what each one liked or disliked in his role as a prophet, how each one became a prophet, what made each one a good prophet etc. We also made some advertisements, looking for prophets (you can see them hanging in our class, they are fun!). We wrote a summary, each one about the prophet that he read about.

Next week we will read our summaries, so that each one will know about the three: Samuel, Ezekiel and Hosea and compare them.

It is great to see that the kids are following and participating in the service. They are masters!

Have a great week.

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