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Shalom everyone

We started our day with Hebrew reading the “Avot and Imahot”, Fathers and Mothers, the first blessing of the Amidah. A copy of the prayer was sent home. Reading about our forefathers and foremothers brought us to talking about our names that were inherited from our ancestors. We learned some new words that describe God in the prayer. Mighty, powerful, awesome, loving and protective are some of the qualities. Reading is coming along nicely, and as I asked before, practicing at home is essential.

We discussed that the Mitzvah of starting to build the Sukkah begins as Yom Kippur ends. It isn’t always practical, but we are told that is the commandment. We asked the following questions: Why do we sit in the sukkah?  How many days do we “dwell” in the Sukkah? We recited the blessings for being in the sukkah, and had our service in the Sukkah – even though a bit chilly.

We looked and learned that the Bible has three parts, Torah, Prophets and Writings. In Hebrew it is called Tanach.   ת – for Torah,  נ – for Nevee’im, כ- for ketoovim.  We looked at the way the Bible is structured, we understood how the Torah has five books that are divided to chapters, verses and portions and that is how we get to start it and finish reading it on Simchat Torah – being celebrated on the day after Sukkot. We talked about the prophets, who were they and what was their roll in the Jewish people lives? More to come!

I have invited the children and would like to invite you all to join us on Monday evening, October 5th  at 7:00 pm and help celebrate Simchat Torah with us.

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