In Grade 5

This past Sunday, Tali was not well, our supply teacher was Jane Harris Koblin.

We discussed that the Mitzvah of starting to build the Sukkah begins as Yom Kippur ends. It isn’t always practical, but we are told that is the commandment. We asked the following questions: Why do we sit in the sukkah?  How many days do we “dwell” in the Sukkah?

Sukkot is one of the three pilgrimage holidays (the others are Pesach and Shavuot). During these pilgrimages, Jews were required to go to the Temple in Jerusalem to share the harvest of the particular season. (Sukkot marks the Fall harvest.)  On Sukkot we invite Ushpizin (guests to the sukkah), and wave the four species (lulav, etrog, hadas and arava).  We celebrate the day after Sukkot as Simchat Torah.

In Hebrew we read the Avot and Imahot prayers.  These will be important for the prayers we will read in our future studies.

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