In Grade 4

Dear Grade 4 Parents,
We had a very busy day, learning about Sukkot. We learned about the 4 species: the Lulav (along with the hadas and arava) and the Etrog. We explored the meaning of Sukkot in old times and today, connecting with the holiday of Thanksgiving. We had a very busy day – moving through different activities – music and meeting the Shimshinim. Please continue  the conversation at home about Sukkot and hosting special guests (ushpizin) and thanking God for the blessings we have in our lives.

We will conclude the holidays of Tishrei with Simchat Torah next week. I would like to invite my grade 4 students to join me rejoicing with the Torah next Monday,  October 5th, at the Temple celebrations of Simchat Torah – 7 PM in the Sanctuary!



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