In Grade 1
Dear Parents,
As you realize – Ariella was unfortunately not feeling well on Sunday. Sam was our supply teacher!
We started our day with Hebrew, learning the letter Gimmel, and the word Glida – ice cream! We all made beautiful pictures of our favourite ice cream!
We started and we will continue next week talking about Shabbat and the ways in which we can celebrate/observe Shabbat. Some have dinner together, some turn off some of our technology, others come to shul either Friday night or Shabbat morning. There are so many ways to celebrate.

We had a great second session with our Shinshinim – learning that Israeli children love to drink Chocolate milk out of small bags. We made our own Chocolate milk.

We started the conversation, and will continue weekly asking students to bring in coins each week for tzedaka. We will talk about the concept of tzedaka – why it is important to give, and to whom the money goes to.



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