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The team recently defeated Pride of Israel in a quarter final series and move into the semi-final game against a to be determined opponent on Sunday, September 20th.

If they win that game (or if they already won as we go to press too late to know) then the final game is scheduled for Sunday, September 27th. David Rosenberg recently set a Holy Bs record when he went 8 for 8 at the plate in a very big win for us two weeks ago.

The team plays in the ISBL (Intersynagogue Baseball League) and has won the ISBL championship two of the last three years through a combination of veterans like Joe Cass, Jeff Levy, Allan Lyons, Richard Banks and John Phillips and young guns such as Matthew Dicker, Nate Charach, Josh Silver and Jordan Glicksman. The Holy B captains are Richie Borins and Randy Cass (veterans in their own right). Marc Levy also plays a key role on the team. These are just some of the members of our deep 21 player roster.

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