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SukkotSunday, September 27, 2014
11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. start times.

Suggested donation of $5+ to Nothing but Nets

Please RSVP to JoAnne Polito [email protected]

Pizza Included. Open to the Community.

The Union for Reform Judaism has been partnering with Nothing but Nets ( to spread a shelter over those who are threatened with malaria.

Come decorate our HBT Sukkah with nets and information about the importance of a safe place to sleep, so whenever we enter into our beautiful sukkah we can connect with those around the world without safe shelter.  Our families once wandered, subject to many diseases and plagues along our journey.  Join us in this project so that we can be reminded of our duty to help provide shelter to other families around the world.

We will also have an opportunity to learn about and create information about other Social Justice ‘ushpizin’ (sukkah visitors) and provide information you can bring home to your own sukkot to raise awareness around their good works, and how all of us can make change in our world, just by inviting new people and new ideas into our homes.

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