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The High Holy Days have concluded and we move on refreshed and re-energized.

Volunteer BannerDespite all the construction, we managed to find our way to the places where Services took place. We worshipped together, emraced friends and wished Shana Tovah to many of our acquaintances.

In the spirit of renewal, and with a desire to be more welcoming, we stationed greeters with name tags and a yellow carnation at every Temple entrance.

We are HINEINI—the HBT group that links volunteers to our Temple community. We do it in a variety of ways because we know that through volunteering, bonds are strengthened and connections deepened. We do it because as volunteers, we feel more involved with our community and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. We do it because we want you to have that opportunity too.

Please step forward and say, “Hineini” (here I am).

There are lots of volunteer opportunities at Temple. Right now, we need a cadre of “greeters” for the Festivals and big programs. All it takes is 30 minutes prior to the event—to smile and welcome congregants and guests as they arrive. How easy is that?

Please tell us you’re interested by e-mailing – [email protected].

Kathy Green
Janice Babins
Nadine Charendoff

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  • Arthur Gans

    The last time I was a volunteer was with Kathy G on the Purim Festival Committee. That was about 30 years ago. It’s time. Not sure what groups are in need of assistance, although I cannot — not permitted — to fund raise. Please advise.
    Art Gabs

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