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Rosh-Hashanah-wallpaper-2Dear Parents,
Last Sunday, we had an amazing first session and we have an outstanding class. We discussed some of the happenings of our summer and got to know each other by completing a Jewish puzzle together. We learned about Rosh Ha-Shana using the Hebrew words such as Tapuach (apple), D’vash (honey) and Shofar. Also, we made a Shana Tova cards to our families and friends using the Hebrew words: Shana Tova U’metuka (a good and sweet New Year). In the Hebrew, we learned the letters Bet and the vowels Kamatz and Patach. We made our Hebrew name puzzle piece part of large “Tapuach” that will be posted this coming week.

This coming Sunday, we will learn about the 4 types of Shofar blasts using the Hebrew terms (Tekiah, Truah, Shevarim and Tekiah G’dola). In addition, we will learn the letters Tav and Shin. Please ensure to review those letters on a weekly basis using the website which accompanies our text book which is completely free lesson #1 for this week. It is great reinforcement for their Hebrew reading as a routine at least twice a week .

Wishing all the families G’mar Chatima Tova and easy fast. Looking forward to meeting each one of you in person.
Maya Liberman

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