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Dear Parents,

On Sunday, we were privileged to start our session with our Shinshinim (Bar and Noam). The students played an interactive fun game with them. They will come also next Sunday and we are looking forward to getting to know them.

We leaned the four types of Shofar blasts (Tekiah, Shevarim,Teruah, and Tekiah G’dola). We discussed Yom Kippur;  the details about the fasting and who is allowed to fast and who is not.  Our class completed our Tapuach (apple) names puzzle using both Hebrew and English names.

In Hebrew, we learned the letters Shin, Bet and Tav and we practiced Hebrew reading. Please ensure your child is reading Hebrew  on a regular basis at home to reinforce classroom reading. The following website is free and accompanies our text book:

Next week, we will start to learn more about Sukkot and it’s blessings; the four species (Lulav, Etrog, Arava and Hadas). We will also prepare some Sukkah decorations for HBT’s Sukkah. In Hebrew, we will learn the letter Mem and the key word Shamash.    Wishing you and your families an easy fast.

Maya's class workG’mar Chatima Tova,

Maya LIberman

Come to the Temple Sukkah at 12:30 pm on Sunday to assist in Sukkah decorating!

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