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By Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

IMG_3464Our tradition teaches that without food, there can be no Torah.  (Pirkei Avot 3:21).  To increase our community’s learning through sharing food together, I invite you to join our temple community on the First Friday of every month for a intergenerational Shabbat service (6:00 p.m.), followed by a congregational family dinner (7:00 p.m.)

For pricing information on the kosher chicken/vegetarian main option and to RSVP and coordinate a dairy free / nut free side dish , please contact Elana Fehler at [email protected].

When I first arrived at Holy Blossom Temple, I immediately found a warm community in the families that gathered for the Tot Shabbat services and meals.  Many of the families that attended were established in the Toronto Jewish community, but there were a few others like mine who were new to the city, had found the service, and immediately were made to feel welcomed.

As the children in these families have aged, they fell into a gap in our congregational Friday night services between Tot Shabbat and the main service in the youth chapel, and this important community of children, parents and grandparents has been difficult to maintain.

IMG_3468Rabbi Splansky and Cantor Maissner have agreed to try something new for the first Friday of every month.  The service will be a blend of our ‘regular’ Friday night experience targeted at families, with Cantor Maissner playing guitar next to Mark Weinstock.  Families in our Youth Education Centre are scheduled to join us as their children sometimes help lead.  And all in our congregational family are invited to attend and to stay for dinner.

Without food, there can be no Torah.  I hope that you’ll join us as our community grows in so many ways through this new experience in togetherness.  We start on September 4th.

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