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You can see the sky…

Renewal construction update for the week of July 13th, 2015. 

Or, at least the new elevator shaft does! Our new elevator, designed to serve our renewed campus has just reached the roof, with our installers now putting in the steel supporting beam to finish it off. We expect to take delivery of the new elevator cab next week, so that it can be installed and commissioned this summer.

Elevator Electrical Panel

Elevator Electrical Panel

Construction of our elevator has been the biggest single job in this preparatory phase of Renewal, before Phase 1 construction begins in earnest after the upcoming High Holy Days. Other major initiatives include the construction of new fully accessible Men’s and Women’s washrooms on the lower level (nearing completion), as well as extending the north staircase down to the lower level, enabling members and staff to travel to and from all levels of the School Wing while construction on our new Atrium takes place and creating a new permanent fire exit for our new campus. Also, the massive job of re-wiring the building is well underway with a large crew of electricians now on-site. Finally, our Rabbis and administrative staff are continuing to pack, anticipating the move to their temporary offices in the School Wing later this summer.

All of this preparatory work is necessary so that our regular Temple Life and programming will continue uninterrupted as we move into the bulk of Phase 1 construction in the fall. Many, many thanks for your ongoing support and patience throughout the process.

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