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Our Congregational LifeShare the special and meaningful events in your life with our Holy Blossom Temple community.

In addition to b’nei mitzvot, weddings, funerals and new babies, we would like to share many more of the joys and sorrows of our community such as engagements, promotions, awards, personal achievements, new jobs, illnesses and recoveries in our regular feature “Our Congregational Life” which will appear in “Life at Holy Blossom”.

Mazal Tov

  • Army Reserve in Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Gains New Commander: Col. Andrew Zalvin takes command from Col. Dwayne Hobbs in historic ceremony on July 23, 2015
    Colonel Andrew Zalvin assumed command of 32 Canadian Brigade Group (32 CBG), the Army Reserve formation in the GTA and Niagara Region, on Thursday, July 23, in a ceremony at Fort York National Historic Site in Toronto. Col. Zalvin is a native of Toronto.  He joined the Canadian Army in 1987 as an Officer Cadet and rose to command 32 Service Battalion in 2006. The role of 32 CBG is to produce well-trained Reserve soldiers for operations at home or abroad. In the event of an emergency, either natural or man-made, the brigade is positioned to back up first responders (fire, police, EMS) if they become exhausted or overwhelmed. There are more than 2,100 soldiers in 32 CBG, 95% of them Reservists, in 13 units based from Scarborough to Brantford and from Barrie to Niagara Falls. The Brigade is the largest military formation in central and southern Ontario.

I am extremely proud to assume command of such a capable formation. The soldiers of 32 Brigade made a significant contribution to the Army’s overseas deployments and we continue to support ongoing Canadian missions around the world. At the same time we are training every day to be ready to deal with domestic crises, to help Canadians whenever and wherever we are called. Colonel Andrew Zalvin, Commander, 32 Canadian Brigade Group


  • Jacque & Howard Roger, on the birth of a granddaughter, Lauren Roger Siddaway.  Proud parents are Sarah Roger & Robert Siddaway.  Other proud grandparents are Anne & Richard Siddaway.  Proud grandmothers are Beverley Fine; and June Siddaway.
  • Joshua & Stacey Silver on the birth of a son, Joseph Spencer Ryan Silver. Proud grandparents are Gail & Barry Silver and other proud grandparents are Elaine & Mark Atlin.  Proud great grandparents are Sandy & Gordon Atlin and Myrtle Wise.

The congregation sympathizes with the recently bereaved.  We remember:

  • Dr. Harold Heft, husband of Suzanne Heft, father of Sam and John, son of Ruby Heft, and brother of Joel Heft and Richard Heft
  • Reuben Michaels, father of Linda Schmalbeck, Paul Michaels and Alexander Michaels
  • Larry Rosen, father of Joanne Rosen, David Rosenblatt and Paul Rosen, brother of Seymour Rosenblatt
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