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Adult B’nei Mitzvah class light Chanukah candles together

Class lights Chanukah candles together

Join us for our new course, Aspirational Judaism (previously known as the Adult B’nei Mitzvah class). Our two-year journey is about the practices, philosophy, and history of Reform Judaism.

During each year of the program, we will focus on Hebrew language – at whatever your level may be, from beginners to intermediates – we have an opportunity for everyone. The second hour of the class focuses on a specific subject matter. In the first year, we will learn and discuss two specific topics, holidays and prayer. We will study all holy days – festivals, minor holidays and Shabbat, and additionally look at the events in our Jewish life-cycle. We will also engage in the topic of prayer – its meaning, and the spiritual practice of prayer using our own Pirchei Kodesh. The second year the Hebrew component will have more emphasis on the reading and chanting of the Torah (if you wish to do so- not everyone needs to). We will also study the history of Reform Judaism, and have a look at Reform theology.

The class will meet for two hours, each Wednesday evening, beginning October 21, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Many of the “participants/graduates” of this program have gone on to leadership in our congregation feeling empowered from the learning and the community.

The course, for members only, is taught by each of our rabbis and Debbie Spiegel, our Director of Education. For more information please contact any one of us.

For registration please contact Debbie, [email protected].

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