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Our Congregational LifeShare the special and meaningful events in your life with our Holy Blossom Temple community.

In addition to b’nei mitzvot, weddings, funerals and new babies, we would like to share many more of the joys and sorrows of our community such as engagements, promotions, awards, personal achievements, new jobs, illnesses and recoveries in our new regular feature “Our Congregational Life” which will appear in “Life at Holy Blossom”.

Mazal Tov

  • Jack and Judy Winberg celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in June and will renew Holy Blossom Temple membership for 30th time this year.
  • Rabbi Teri Appleby as the Interim Rabbi to the Temple B’nai Tikvah in Calgary effective July 1, 2015. Click here for more info.
  • Temple member Lori Gershon was recently honoured by the Province of Ontario for her more than 30 years of volunteering with seniors
  • Mark Schlossberg was recently awarded the Judy Gwartz Volunteer leadership Award, from Baycrest.
  • This award reflects an individual who inspired others through their hard work, intelligence, compassion and dedication.


  • Ashley & Avi Berger, on the birth of a daughter, Clara Audrey Berger.  Proud grandparents are Eileen & David Berger and Janis & David Gallo.  Proud great grandfather is Doug Iverson
  • Jack Witherspoon Bonnet was born in Manhattan, N.Y. on May 10th to Simone Robin Bonnet and Ben Aldridge Bonnet. Proud grandparents are S. Jennifer Hunter, congregant of Holy  Blossom, her husband John Cruickshank, publisher of the Toronto Star, and Dr. Sidney Bonnet of Dallas, Texas.
  • Marcia & Kenneth Cohen, on the birth of a granddaughter, Chloe Leora Cohen.  Proud parents are Heather Marshall & Jordan Cohen.  Other proud grandparents are Susan & Larry Marshall. Proud great grandparents are Aaron Cohen; and Zelda Marshall.
  • Susan Lieberman & Mannie Zeller on the birth of a grandson, Lev Sasson Strauss Zeller. Proud parents are Barbara Zeller & Simon Strauss and sister to Aviva Shira.  Other proud grandparents are Betty & Stephen Strauss.  Proud great grandparents are Frances Lieberman and Max Zeller.
  • Sharon & Shelley Miller, on the birth of a grandson, Noah Clark Miller.  Proud parents are Esther Connors & Joshua Miller. Other proud grandparents are Helen Gurofsky & Allan Connors. Proud great grandmother is Clara Miller.

The congregation sympathizes with the recently bereaved.  We remember:

  • Marion Fine, mother of Lawrence Fine, Saralyn Fine and Marla Fine
  • Lucille Fisher, wife of Abe Fisher; mother of Ann Fisher, Stewart Fisher and Jonathan Fisher; sister of Etta Ginsberg McEwan
  • Fred Harris, father of Mitzi Goldenberg, David Harris and Marla Fine
  • Arthur London, husband of Beverlee London, father of Jordan London, Stephen London and Lisa Brooker.
  • Larry Naston, husband of Frieda Naston; father of Brian Naston, Lauren Naston and Christina Naston; brother of Marla Powers and Dean Naston
  • Melvyn Rubinoff, husband of Sheila Rubinoff; father of Howard Rubinoff, Fred Rubinoff and Gary Rubinoff
  • Raymond Sadowski, husband of Myra Sadowski, father of David Sadowski, Lynne Cipin and Mark Sadowski, brother of Marvin Sadowski and Jack Sadowski.
  • Abe Schwartz, husband of Pearl Schwartz; father of Franci Sniderman and Tom Schwartz
  • Gerry Sigler, father of Janet Ryval and Nikki Sigler
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