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Our Congregational LifeShare the special and meaningful events in your life with our Holy Blossom Temple community.

In addition to b’nei mitzvot, weddings, funerals and new babies, we would like to share many more of the joys and sorrows of our community such as engagements, promotions, awards, personal achievements, new jobs, illnesses and recoveries in our new regular feature “Our Congregational Life” which will appear in “Life at Holy Blossom”.

Mazel Tov

  • Sandra & Gordon Atlin are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary this month and proud to call Holy Blossom Temple home.
  • Carole Sterling was elected the World Union for Progressive Judaism’s Chair during a meeting of the WUPJ’s International Assembly in Rio de Janeiro. She is the first Canadian in 20 years to be the WUPJ’s international chairperson. Sterling served as Senior Vice Chair during Mike Grabiner’s (UK) Chairmanship.
  • Les Rothschild has been elected to the World Union for Progressive Judaism’s Board
  • Rabbi Jordan Helfman has been elected to the World Union for Progressive Judaism’s Board
  • Cheryl Sylvester is celebrating her dad’s 80th birthday on June 4.
  • Mike Morgulis has been elected Chief Flying Instructor at the Toronto Soaring Club.
  • Arlene Roth wanted to share how wonderful the Sisterhood Retreat was at Bayview Wildwood Resort during the May 1st weekend. The organizers from Sisterhood did a superb job planning a balanced program of Torah Study, Jewish Meditation, time for walks and socializing, and fun “getting to know you” games. We were extremely fortunate to have warm, sunny weather. The loons, geese and hawks added to the beauty of the weekend.


  • Susan Berger on the birth of a granddaughter Tali Ruth Chudy. Proud parents are Esther & Shachar Chudy and sister to Alon and Roey. Other proud grandparents are Vivien & George Chudy. Great grandmother is Jewel Poch.
  • Debra Bennett on the birth of a granddaughter, Nia Essie Bartram. Daughter of Sarah Chisholm and Drew Bartram. Other proud grandparents are Michele Berlyne and Rick Chisholm. Proud great grandmothers Barbara Bennett, Shanti Blum, and Edith Chisholm
  • Lynne & Robert Bohnen, on the birth of a grandson, Ethan Isaac Louis Bernknopf. Proud parents are Diana & Michael Bernknopf. Other proud grandparents are Sheryl & Ken Bernknopf. Proud great grandmother is Shirley Bohnen.
  • Marlene & Andy Borins, on the birth of a grandson, Heath Russell Grossman. Proud parents are Jordanne & Adam Grossman and brother to Cameron. Other proud grandparents are Sheryle Rosenberg and Mark Grossman. Proud great grandparents are Margie Frimeth; Georgina Grossman and Percy Lyons.
  • Phyllis & Paul Bordo on the birth of a granddaughter, Samantha Elle Bordo. Proud parents are Sabrina Kaufman & Mark Bordo and sister to Max. Other proud grandmother is Clair Kaufman.
  • Ruth Halperin & David Weil on the birth of a new grandson, Crosby James Cohen born on April 13, 2015, parents are Marla and Jon Cohen.
  • Debbie & Marvin Gans are pleased to announce the birth of their grandson, Liam Jesse. Proud parents are Kiera Gans and Aaron. Siverstein, other grandparents are Rachel and Michael Siverstein
  • Shelley & Arthur Gans on the birth of a granddaughter Margaux Jean Gans. Proud parents are Suzy & Jeremy Gans and sister to Isla. Other proud grandparents are Liz & Craig McDermott. Proud great grandmother is Evie Smith.
  • Cathy & Lorne Greenbaum on the birth of a granddaughter, Isabelle Quinn Brager. Proud parents are Sarah & Aron Brager. Other proud grandparents are Linda & Mark Brager. Great grandparents are Sylvia Alter; Fannie Greenbaum and Esther Cole.
  • Caryn Hirshhorn & Hartley Springman on the birth of a daughter Abby Dylan Springman and sister to Fara and Ryden. Proud grandparents are Leslie & Mel Springman and Sandi & Ron Hirshhorn.
  • Dr. Melvyn Iscove on the birth of a granddaughter, Emily Lia Vidal. Proud parents are Naomi & Jacky Vidal and sister to Maya and Benjamin. Other proud grandparents are Happy Iscove, Margo & Felix Vidal.
  • Freda Ariella & Arthur Muscovitch on the birth of a grandson, Brooks Benjamin Muscovitch. Proud parents are Cathy & Zak Muscovitch. Other proud grandparents are Perla & Gabi Sellouk
  • Leslie & Darren Richmond on the birth of a daughter, Brooklyn Avery Richmond and sister to Benjamin, Ethan, Madeleine, and Samantha. Proud grandparents are Sharon Herman and Paul Richmond.
  • Annalee & Brian Schnurr on the birth of a grandson Jack Camden Duffy. Proud parents are Jessica Schnurr & Mike Duffy. Other proud grandparents are Julie & Terry Duffy. Proud great grandparents are Patricia Dent; Catherine Duffy and Florence & Irving Rother.
  • Katherine Solomon & David Chrystian on the birth of a daughter, Charlotte Chrystian. Proud grandparents are Cheryl & Jack Solomon (and the late Denny Pollock); Barbara & Ralph Miller; and Wendy & Robert Chrystian.
  • Terri & Ted and Schipper on the birth of a granddaughter, Olivia Samara Schipper. Proud parents are Pamela Kraizel-Schipper & Noah Schipper and sister to Alexis. Other proud grandparents are Ava & Bernie Rubin; Emilio Kraizel and Katty Kraizel.
  • Rabbi Karen Thomashow & Dr. Yonatan Eyal on the birth of a baby boy, Ethan Thomashow Eyal, brother to Alma.
  • Betty Young on the birth of a granddaughter, Zoey Esther Young. Proud parents are Lauren & Jason Young. Other proud grandparents are Marcia & Eric Kaplan.
  • Marlene & Robert Zeldin on the birth of a granddaughter, Hannah Bryn Zeldin. Proud parents are Sara Diament Zeldin & David Zeldin and sister to Ruby. Other proud grandparents are Renee & Joseph Diament. Proud great grandparents are Mary Leston; Norma Switzman; and Noel Zeldin.

B’nei Mitzvah

  • Mara Baker, daughter of Debra & Jeff Baker – Saturday, May 2nd
  • Slater Hylton, son of Melissa & Tim Hylton – Saturday, May 2nd
  • Kyra Brodkin, daughter of Lara & Andrew Brokdin – Saturday, May 23rd
  • Mark Kestenberg, son of Janice & Michael Kestenberg – Saturday, May 30th
  • Adam Slan, son of Neri & Peter Slan – Saturday, May 30th
  • Elliot Zolf, son of Lesley Harrison & Stephen Zolf – Saturday, June 6th
  • Madison Johnson, daughter of Lianne Pollock – Saturday, June 13th
  • Ethan Taylor, son of Lisa & Christian Taylor – Saturday, June 13th

In Memoriam Section

  • Edward Berger, husband of Micki (Miriam) Berger; father of Tobye Sennet, Harvey Berger and Carole Assayav
  • Stanley Paulin, husband of Helen Paulin; father of Debbie Paulin, Barbara Paulin, Lenore Paulin and Karyn Paulin
  • Melvin Satok, husband of Diana Bennett; father of David Satok, Karen Poirier, Lauren Satok and Peter Satok
  • Fred Skurka, husband of Rene Skurka; father of Gayle Danziger, Steven Skurka and Jeffrey Skurka; brother of Beatrice Fink
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