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Our Congregational LifeBy Rabbi Michael Satz.

As I am almost at the end of my first year here at Holy Blossom Temple, I have been reflecting upon how amazing our community is. I grew up in a similar community in St. Louis of multi-generational families with long roots in the synagogue and with many deep connections between the members.

We at Holy Blossom are always looking for new ways to make these connections even deeper-so that our new members will find their rightful place and so that everyone can find meaning and purpose from being affiliated with this historic congregation. With this in mind, we are creating “Our Congregational Life”, a page on our website to make known what’s going on in our members’ lives. You all will have the opportunity to share your joys and sorrows with our caring community so that we will continue to be more connected to each other.

Share the special and meaningful events in your life with our Holy Blossom Temple community.

In addition to b’nei mitzvot, weddings, funerals and new babies, we would like to share many more of the joys and sorrows of our community such as engagements, promotions, awards, personal achievements, new jobs, illnesses and recoveries in our new regular feature “Our Congregational Life” which will appear in “Life at Holy Blossom”.

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