Confirmands Comment: Class of 2015

What is it that you hope your children will achieve through being involved in Jewish life? Our Grade 10 students discuss how impactful their time has been here at Holy Blossom Temple. After many [...]


By Rabbi Dow Marmur. I didn’t think that I’d ever look back nostalgically at the time when Avigdor Lieberman was Israel’s foreign minister, but I’m already doing it, only a few weeks after he [...]

Israel’s Unwanted Residents

By Rabbi Dow Marmur. Refugees have become an acute problem in the world and Israel hasn’t escaped it. Though the country not only welcomes but canvasses Jews to come and live there, it’s less [...]

Ruth’s Legacy

By Rabbi Yael Splansky. On Sunday morning we will celebrate Shavuot with The Book of Ruth.  The chanted melody is so beautiful it is reserved for only three Biblical texts, only three days of the [...]

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