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All Services during the 2015 High Holy Days will remain on site!

Our incredibly hard working Renewal transition team along with our clergy are still in the midst of working out all the logistics surrounding scheduling, but we now feel comfortable announcing that our congregation will be staying in our home at 1950 Bathurst St – for every service – throughout the whole of the 2015 High Holy Days. In other words, no offsite or outdoor accommodations will have to be made due to Renewal Project construction.

This is wonderful news to be sure and no small accomplishment, given that we will be in the midst of Phase 1 construction at the time. Given this reality, there will be adjustments to the schedule and locations you’ve come to expect at HBT for services during the High Holy Days. We respectfully ask for your patience and flexibility as the final details are still being determined. There will be more information on this when your Membership Renewal package arrives at the end of May. It will contain the final High Holy Days schedule, so please give it a very thorough reading.

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