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As of publishing, below is a listing of the Nominating Committee:

  • Gary Posen – Chair
  1. Neil Blonder*
  2. Nadine Charendoff*
  3. Michael Cole
  4. Heather Crawford
  5. Carol Crystal
  6. Lyn Feldman*, Sisterhood
  7. Rachel Jacobson*
  8. Dana Lampe
  9. Jordana Lipson*
  10. Sheila Smolkin
  11. Cary Solomon*
  12. Peter Weinwurm*, Brotherhood
  • Russ Joseph, Staff (non-voting member)
*New member of the committee

The Nominating Committee for the Temple’s Board of Directors invites any congregant who wishes to serve as a director to contact the Committee. It also invites you to propose any fellow congregant who you believe would be an asset to the Board.

Please include a short letter indicating the relevant experience of you or your nominee.

Send your nomination and letter to the Nominating Committee care of the Temple office or e-mail the material care of the Executive Director ([email protected]).

Deadline for receiving nominations is Friday, April 24, 2015.

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