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The internet has great opportunity for our children, but interacting with others through this medium is a learned skill.

Come and learn some tips that can help parents like us teach our children how to grow up online.

“We often think that e-mails or text messages are like oral conversation: that once the words are pronounced they disappear, but it is not the case. They stay in the minds of people that have been hurt, and the pain is difficult to erase.” – Rabbi Pauline Bebe 

We will learn from Constable Laurie McCann at this event.  Please contact Rabbi Jordan Helfman ([email protected]) with any questions or to confirm your attendance.

Laurie McCann has been a Police Officer with the Toronto Police Service since 1998. She has worked in several different units, including Plainclothes work, Special Events, Recruiting, Traffic, Community Response Unit and Crime Analysis.

She has been involved in the developing strategies around leveraging Social Media to enhance public safety for the last 3 years. She is active on several different platforms and has done work on projects involving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Laurie is currently assigned to the Special Projects Team for Community Safety Command working on several initiative related to Research and Innovation. She assists the Neighbourhood officers and School Resource officers with engaging with community through social media. She is also on a steering committee for safe Students and Partners Against Cyber-Violence Everywhere (S.P.A.C.E). She regularly attends high schools throughout the GTA and speaks to students/teachers/parents regarding cyberbullying, internet safety, sexting and accountability.

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