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The UJA Federation Israel Engagement ShinShinim program, in collaboration with Holy Blossom Temple is offering families an Israel experience unlike any other.  And this one can be experienced in the comfort of your own home!  Every year, UJA Federation and community institutions across Toronto bring a group of post-high school, pre-army Israelis (known as ShinShinim) to live and work in the Toronto Jewish community.  They bring with them passion, excitement, and connection to Israel and contribute to Jewish and Israel education in many ways.  Part of their experience is to be hosted by families in the community for three months at a time.  For the ShinShinim, the host family experience is a way for them to be welcomed into a new family and get to know community members in a more intense way.  For you and your family, this is an opportunity to open your home and hearts to one of Israel’s youth, to give back to your community, and establish a personal connection to Israel and Israelis.  We know from past experience that the host family relationship continues well past the time the ShinShin lives in your house, and connects you in a permanent and personal way to Israel.  We hope that you will consider this experience for your family.

For more information about this program or opportunity, please contact Avra Rosen via Debbie Spiegel at [email protected].

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  • Debbie Spiegel

    This is the strongest connection a family can have with Israel. Please contact us for more information. Your family and the ShinShin will all benefit tremendously.

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