In renewal

For the week of March 23rd.

We are in full-blown construction mode at Holy Blossom as we continue with the preparatory work on the school wing to temporarily house all of the Temple’s offices and activities during Phase 1 of Renewal. Here’s what you can expect to see if you wander the hallways:

Classrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor are being partitioned and dry-walled to create offices for our Early Childhood Centre, Religious School and Temple Staff, as well for our new elevator and vestibule. New electrical wiring in these areas has also been installed. Demolition of the old walk-in refrigerator on the lower level is now complete and we are starting to dig the elevator shaft (after successfully dealing with some old ductwork that presented a minor complication.) We are in the midst of meetings with our mechanical engineers to plan the new temporary Temple Entrance to be used during Phase 1 construction, located in what is now the Enkin Boardroom. As always, we appreciate your patience during the construction process as we try our best to keep disruption to a minimum. We also strive to keep you as informed and up to date as possible.

Please continue to follow our progress in words and pictures here in Life at Holy Blossom, as well as daily on Facebook and by clicking here on our Construction Photo Archive page.

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