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Usnat Atamna

Usnat Atamna

Monday, April 20, 2015
7:30 p.m.

Join shared society educator Usnat Atamna to learn about the state of Jewish-Arab relations among youth in the north of Israel.

Usnat Atamna is Palestinian Arab with Israeli citizenship, living in the Palestinian Israeli town of Bakka. She works as a group facilitator at the Givat Haviva Educational Institute to create opportunities for dialogue among Jewish and Palestinian Israeli youth living in largely segregated societies.

Usnat will be speaking about why she has chosen to pursue this work, as well as her experiences working with Jewish and Palestinian Israeli youth and the current state of relations among the diverse communities living in Israel’s north.

Usnat’s talk will be followed by a question and answer period and a group discussion.

This talk is given in conjunction with Heart to Heart, which brings ten Israeli Jews and ten Palestinian Arabs with Israeli citizenship to summer camp in Toronto to meet and have a dialogue. Rabbi Helfman serves on the advisory board for Heart to Heart, as Rabbi Marmur did before going on Aliyah to Israel.


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