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Purim CollageAnd there was Light and Joy and Gladness and Honour for the Jews – Esther 8:16

Just as in the Purim story itself, know that the joy that we experienced this year, is due to the hard work of a few, who made the joy possible for so many.

This year we celebrated a Purim Carnival, Teen Purim, Purim with Mondays at the Temple, had a Family Megillah Reading and Potluck Dinner, and ended it all with Adult Purim.

Thanking everyone involved would create a ridiculously long list… but this IS Purim we are thanking for, so ridiculous is a good thing:

Purim Carnival Queens

  • Sharon Neiss
  • Shelly Berenbaum
  • Shelley Greene
  • Jackie Mamott
  • Karen Abells
  • Jill Farber
  • The Senior Staff
  • HABSTY (Especially HABSTY President Talia Rivers)
  • + All of our Teen Volunteers!
  • Our Facilities Staff (Who saved the flood which nearly ended the carnival!  Did anyone even notice the water pouring in?  I think it’s time for a renewal project…)

Teen Purim

  • HABSTY again (Especially Elsa Rosen… I mean, Talia Rivers, again)
  • Rabbi David Gerber
  • Avishai Sol
  • Hartley Jonatan
  • Neil Jonatan
  • Cloe Gordon-Chow
  • Alan Fabricant
  • Senior School Teachers

Oy Story! + Potluck Dinner

  • Martin Markle
  • Lisi Tesher
  • Adam Sol
  • Elana Fehler

Adult Purim

  • The Musical Heritage Committee
  • Karen Abells
  • Jan SimonskyJudy Borodin
  • Mary Seldon
  • Mari Lynn Rusak
  • Jill Kamin
  • Eva Ormut
  • Joanne Roher
  • Sharon Smith
  • Mike Morgolis – tending bar & cleanup
  • Jeff Levy – tending bar
  • And Jan and Rob Simonsky, Mary, Mari Lynn, Elana Fehler and Shelly Berenbaum

THANK YOU to you all!

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