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By Pamela Cappe Hamovitch,
Director of the Early Childhood Centre at Holy Blossom Temple.

Today we all celebrated the birthday of the trees!  As you will see from the photos, we discussed all the many wonderful things that trees give to us (fruit, wood, paper, shade, homes for animals etc).  We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and even had a very small treat.

Afterwards, Debbi and I acted out a little story to set the stage for our 2 ongoing tzedakah projects.  Debbi pretended to be a child who had no lunch and of course, no treats.  We demonstrated ‘sharing is caring’ and how just one (1) Toonie could buy 4 lunches for a hungry child here in Toronto.  As well, sharing our treats would bring some sweetness and love to the guests of the Out of the Cold next Thursday.

The children will be filling 120 bags with all of your very very generous donations of goodies!  Thanks so much.

Don’t forget to send in a toonie (or more) for the Second Harvest Hero day.

We will forward more photos as the children embark on the packaging and delivery!

Your children are amazing!!!  Enjoy…

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