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According to Pirkei Avot, 80 is the age of strength.  We wish Dow and Fredzia a hearty Mazel Tov as they celebrate this milestone birthday.  May they know only strength and peace as they walk the streets of Jerusalem together.

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  • Bram Aaron

    Happy Birthday Rabbi Marmur!

  • Michael & Janet Ryval

    Dear Dow,
    Yom hu’ledet sameach! And many more to come!
    All the best,
    Michael & Janet

  • Francie and Paul Hellen

    Dear Rabbi Marmur,
    Last night Jim Lederman began by announcing to us that he was dedicating his talk in honour of your birthday.
    We’d like to add our best wishes to you and to Fredzia as well, for many more happy and healthy years celebrating birthdays together .
    With regards,
    Frances and Paul Hellen

  • Sheila Bacher

    Best wishes to you on your 80th birthday, wishing you many, many more years of happiness and good health. Sincerely Sheila

  • Ruth Ellen and Sheldon Greenwood

    Dear Rabbi Marmur,

    Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach on your eightieth birthday. We are sending you love and all good wishes as you celebrate this wonderful occasion with your family.
    Happy birthday,
    Ruth Ellen

  • Sandy Atlin

    Dear Dow,
    It must be very gratifying to reach 80 and, as you can, look back with pride at such achievements as yours. Now look forward with joy to long life, good health and loving family and friends.
    Can you give me some pointers on becoming an octogenarian with grace and joie de vive? I’m getting there in a few weeks and need input from a pro!!
    Love to you and Fredzia,
    Sandy Atlin

  • Viviane and Saul Ship

    Best wishes on the occasion of your 80th Birthday. Wishing you many years of continued health and happiness surrounded by your dear ones. Ad mea v’esrim!

    Viviane and Saul

  • Pnina Margolese

    Dear Rabbi Marmur:

    Many blessings on this milestone birthday. May you enjoy your family and friends for year to come. Have an awesome day. Happy Birthday. Pnina

  • Judith Wiley

    Mazel Tov Rabbi Marmur.
    Best wishes for many more years of health and wellbeing. You and Fredzia remain in our thoughts and prayers and give us guidance and inspiration even from afar.
    Happy Birthday.

  • Rabbi Yael Splansky

    Dear Dow,

    If you were here, I’d offer you an aliyah to the Torah and you’d decline. Not your thing. And yet, you walk with such purpose that it seems you are always on Aliyah. If Reb Nachman said, “Wherever I go, I go to Jerusalem,” we could say of you, “Wherever you go, you go up to the Torah.” When you walk with your chin up, sometimes your hands clasped behind your back, your walk is a deliberate ascent in thought, in word, in deed. This is what makes you so easy to admire.

    Although I miss you here, I delight in picturing you and Fredzia enjoying the wondrous intensity of Jerusalem each week and the wondrous shalom of Jerusalem each Shabbat. When you gather today with family and friends to celebrate your birthday, know that we in Toronto are raising our glasses to toast you as well. L’Chayim!

    With love and admiration,

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