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We want to take the opportunity to thank Mark Goodman for his continuous support teaching in our community. Mark has devoted hours and hours of time and energy preparing the Wednesday Sisterhood Torah study and Thursday morning Talmud study.

Mark is a remarkable teacher and mentor. He constantly motivates others to learn. We are often encouraged to pursue a journey of life-long learning, and Mark gives us a wonderful opportunity to learn and study each week throughout the year.

We thank Mark and share our appreciation for his incredible commitment.

Mark guides us in looking at the text and then helping us to make it relevant to our lives today. Mark’s intellect, curiosity and scholarship makes him a stimulating but also approachable teacher. Mark’s level of skepticism allows for an opportunity for open reflection on Torah and no comments by the class are disregarded but rather often result in very animated and informative discussion.

It is actually quite an amazing class in all aspects and we are all so thankful to Mark for sharing his knowledge with us and

Judy Borodin

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  • Goodman Sheldon

    Usually an older brother takes credits for all of the successes of a younger brother. In this case I cannot do so. Mark’s intellectual abilities are unique. Together with his unique approach to Torah and religious texts, his insights are one of a kind and even if one is not in his sphere of skepticism, one has to admire the thought process.

    On another note, Mark as a student was “Terrorist” . So Mark as a teacher is quite the oxymoron!!!!!

  • Denise Gordon

    It has been a pleasure studying Torah with Mark Goodman and fellow congregants and friends. His depth of knowledge and sardonic temperament makes for a lively and engaging discussion. Thank- you Mark for sharing your time and energy with us every Wednesday morning.

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