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By Rabbi Michael Satz.

To many people, one of the most moving parts of our services are when we call upon God as Healer of the Sick in our MiShebarch prayer for healing. I think there is a spiritual power to hearing the names of our loved ones being read and knowing that the congregation is praying for them (or for you). We call God Healer of the Sick in our prayers, and we also know that we are God’s partners here on earth. Our ancient sages teach us that bikur cholim (visiting the sick) is one of the most important mitzvot. I think that it is through our acts of bikur cholim that some of God’s healing flows.

Our Bikur Cholim volunteers at Holy Blossom is engaged truly in holy work. From visiting people who are homebound, to calling our seniors, to making and delivering soup and meals to our congregants in need, the volunteers of Bikur Cholim, under the leadership of Liz Tarshis and the committee, are showing chesed (loving care) and bringing some hope and joy to people who are not well.

Being sick can be alienating and isolating–you can lose your place in your community and your sense of self. That is why we, the clergy and the Bikur Cholim committee, need your help in identifying our members who might be alone and/or sick so that we can extend our hand and by extension God’s healing hand. If you know of someone who would like a rabbi or cantor or volunteer to call or visit, please click here and let us know. If you would like to become involved with a committee that is essential to who we are as a caring community, please click here and we would love to meet with you.

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  • Dena Perlmutar

    Hi , I am available to volunteer for Bikur Cholim, who should I contact?
    Dena Perlmutar

  • Julie Schwartz

    It is wonderful to be part of BIKUR CHOLIM. As a volunteer, my sense is that the committee is well organized, dedicated, focused, empathetic, and appreciative of what volunteers do. I also must say that the visits I have made have done way more for me than for anyone I may have helped !

  • Stu Gibson

    Would love to volunteer.

  • Ruth Ellen and Sheldon Greenwood

    I would like to help Yael and her family particularly and would be happy help generally as well.
    Please contact me.
    Ruth Ellen

  • Andrew Cohen

    Available to volunteer on Bikur Cholim committee

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