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613 Mitzvot - Adam's Bar Mitzvah

613 Mitzvot – Adam’s Bar Mitzvah

By Sharon Neiss.

Becoming a Bar Mitzvah is a momentous milestone that should not be taken for granted. Amongst the material extravagances that we are accustomed to, it is pretty easy to get lost in our secular year of 2015/5775 and not realize the many reasons why a boy of 13 is called to the Torah. Then again, it’s pretty simple to find one’s way: It’s all there – in ‘the rules’ – otherwise known as The Torah where the 613 laws are written just for us. And yes – today it is impossible to do many of the 613 mitzvot, but to take the time to accomplish as many as one can is a parent’s momentous milestone as well.

But why the website? This issue coincides with his parsha – Vayikra – to sacrifice. To take this topic into modern times, we no longer sacrifice but can choose to commit.We have collaborated with Adam on the goal of being a caring, conscientious and committed young man. Letting everyone know, can help achieve it.

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