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One of the things we’d like to use this space for is to keep you as up to date as possible on specific Renewal construction activity happening at Temple – with as much photo documentation as we can muster. We want to share the construction buzz (but not the dust), so you know what’s happening at HBT, and exactly what to expect when you walk in the doors.

Preliminary work continues to ready the School Wing to temporarily house Temple activities during Phase 1 construction. This week, we selected our new elevator (to be installed near the current boardroom entrance), as well as our mechanical and electrical contractors. Our construction managers, Govan Brown, are in the midst of completing a comprehensive project schedule. The first order of business will be to demolish the old walk-in refrigerator in the kitchen on the lower level (adjacent to the Philip Smith congregational hall) to make way for the new elevator pit. You’ll see this start taking shape in the next few weeks. In addition to this, our staff and volunteers are beginning the arduous task of sorting through decades of Temple records and materials to prepare for the move.

Look for further Renewal construction updates in every issue of Life at Holy Blossom!

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