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By Maayan Sharon.

I hope this email finds you well, and you are getting used to winter again.

Since I don’t have much time on my hands lately I hope you won’t mind me writing to all of you at once.

I have drafted last Monday, and since then things went a little crazy, I was misplaced and put in a Tironut – basic training) which doesn’t suit my physical profile (sprain my ankle). It happens to be the same machlaka (which is like 50 people) Barak was at, the shinshin from Beit Tzedek from my group, and at the same base also Moran, from Associated is going through a different Tironut, we set together for lunch, so that was a pleasant surprise at this crazy situation.

After 3 days they sent me back to reassess my status and after 2 more days of running around the country for xrays and doctors they decided to officially get me out of there, let me spend the weekend at home and on Sunday I go back to the base, to wait for another

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Tironut to start, one I can actually do.

Other than that all is good, the weather is great and I am excited to start. I miss school,Temple, camp and all of you so much, and hopefully we could see each other soon.

Please let me know what’s going on with you, and how are you doing. It is very important for me!.


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