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Dear Friends,

I want to share with you the attached letters which we received here at Temple this week. These are letters from girls who are graduating High School from the girls’ school where we gave scholarships.

These letters are incredible and completely from the heart.

Yasher Koach to all of you for ensuring that these young women were able to learn, grow, but mostly to feel wonderful about themselves and their future.

Thank you,
Debbie Spiegel

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  • Anne Dublin

    I was delighted and intrigued to read these letters from several soon-to-be graduates of the Kisumu High School for Girls. A number of years ago, I taught primary school in Kenya. I well remember how education was valued there; how the students and their families worked hard and made many sacrifices so that the children could go to school. I commend Free the Children, Leo Baeck School, and the Holy Blossom Religious School for helping these young people pursue an education and, ultimately, to give back to their families, communities, and country. Yasher koach!

  • Gerri Richmab

    A heartfelt congratulations to the Holy Blossom Temple Social Action Committee for their dedicated work a few years ago, in developing the partnership with Free the Children and working to make the scholarships possible.

  • Cheryl Sylvester

    Such wonderful letters and how exciting for these young women! Yashar koach to Holy Blossom Temple Religious school, in partnership with The Leo Baeck Day school and Free the Children, on taking the initiative to contribute to building the school in Kenya and provide scholarships for these girls, now young women. I remember our boys’ participating in the activities to raise funds. How meaningful for all of us to read of their success and enhanced potential.
    Cheryl Sylvester & Robert Schenk, Aaron & Nathan Schenk

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