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Fields of Exile, Dr. Nora Gold

Fields of Exile, Dr. Nora Gold

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
7:30 p.m.

Dr. Nora Gold is an author, an Associate Scholar and the Writer-in-Residence at the Centre for Women’s Studies in Education at OISE, U of Toronto, the editor of the online journal, and a social activist. She co-founded the New Israel Fund of Canada, Canadian Friends of Givat Haviva and JSpaceCanada.

Dr. Gold will speak about what led her to write Fields of Exile, the first novel about anti-Israelism on campus, why she chose to approach this complex issue through fiction rather than non-fiction, and how the research and activism she did prior to writing this novel influenced it in various ways.

She will also discuss the unique challenge of writing a “novel of ideas,” and she’ll touch on whether or not fiction – and art in general – has the potential to act as a vehicle for social change. In addition, Gold will read two excerpts from Fields of Exile – one from the beginning of the novel and one from later on – which together will reveal the essence of the main character and a flavor for the book as a whole. Fields of Exile will be available for purchase and Dr. Gold will be pleased to sign books at the end of the evening.

This evening is sponsored in cooperation with JSpaceCanada and Holy Blossom Temple. This program is especially important for parents of and students on campus. Please make every effort to attend.



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